What is a religious prison diet

By | February 27, 2021

what is a religious prison diet

A criminal lawyer will help you understand your charges and your options. Seeger, US , 85 S. Bureau of Prisons BOP policy provides that inmates requesting a religious diet must submit an application to the prison chaplain, who is responsible for approving requests for special religious diets, otherwise called the “common fare diet program. What percentage of prisoners currently order special meals based on religious preferences? Drake Law Review. Some vegetarian inmates have been transferred to other prisons that could accommodate their dietary needs. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. For some employees, it seems that once one inmate gets a special meal, many other inmates suddenly want a special meal.

Prison food is the term for meals served to prisoners while incarcerated in correctional institutions. While some prisons prepare their own food, many use staff from on-site catering companies. Some prisons support the dietary requirements of specific religions, as well as vegetarianism. Typical menus are designed to be low-sugar, low-salt, and to contain a moderate amount of calories. Dietary, religious, and ethical concerns are taken into consideration to a certain extent. Supreme Court cases in , Turner v. Safley and O’Lone v. Estate of Shabazz, created a test that balanced the constitutional rights of prisoners to exercise their religion freely against the rights of the prisons to punish inmates and keep the prison in order. Whether or not a prison has breached an inmate’s religious dietary rights is now judged from the cases of Turner and O’Lone. While this test is still in use, many other constitutional points come into play, and it is still a widely debated issue. Most prison food in the United States is prepared with the blast-chill method, which allows a large number of meals to be prepared and then reheated at meal times.

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