Ketogenic diet and periodontal disease

By | February 16, 2021

ketogenic diet and periodontal disease

Cutting down carbs may help you lose weight on the Ketogenic or Keto diet; however, you may also experience bad breath — a signiture of the Keto diet. Like other low-carb diets, the Keto diet focuses on reducing carbs and increasing fats to put your body in a state of Ketosis. There are a number of scientifically proven benefits that occur during Ketosis such as decreasing heart disease and increasing insulin sensitivity in patients with Type 2 diabetes. However, there are also a few negative side effects including bad breath in the first few weeks of the diet. Of course, anything in excess can be harmful, but if done properly, the Keto diet can improve your oral health. By reducing the number of carbohydrates that you eat, you are reducing the number of sugars that sit on your teeth. Over time, fewer sugars sitting on your teeth can lead to less decay and better oral health. Another advantage to eating fewer carbs is less inflammation. A major oral health disease is periodontal disease, which can inflame your gums causing temporary or permanent damage. Theoretically, a decrease in carbs can also lead to a decrease in periodontal symptoms.

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