Flexible dieting lifestyle food processor frosty

By | September 4, 2020

flexible dieting lifestyle food processor frosty

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This post has been made in partnership with iHerb. This recipe was a go-to snack option for us to enjoy post workout or in the evenings as a healthy protein-packed dessert. I do still make protein smoothies all the time. The key to making this delicious chocolate protein frosty so creamy and rich like the original is the frozen banana. Bananas, when frozen and blended, turn into a delicious concoction that tastes, looks, and feels like soft-serve ice cream. I am always very happy with the product selection they have as well as the fast and affordable shipping they provide duties included so no surprises at delivery! From iHerb I used bovine collagen peptides which brings the protein into this chocolate frosty, Nutiva chia seeds which create even more of a creamy consistency and add healthy fats and fibre iHerb also carries these California Gold Nutrition chia seeds! For the protein addition to this chocolate frosty I used bovine collagen peptides as I prefer the neutral flavour of collagen powder and like that it does not affect the texture of the frosty. You can also definitely use a plant-based or whey chocolate protein powder instead. Are you a Frosty fan? Have you ever made your own healthy version at home? Tell me about it in the comments and be sure to pin the photo below to save this recipe for later!

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