Does the ecosystem orginize our diets

By | November 24, 2020

does the ecosystem orginize our diets

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Our food system is not sustainable. Not in some ambiguous, unhealthy for the environment sort of way. Although many designers, ecologists and farmers are beginning to finally look at solutions, only time will tell if these solutions will come fast enough. Before we look at these solutions, however, why exactly is there so much concern these days about our food system being unsustainable? The evidence is in the market. In short, according to the FAO, another million people have been pushed into hunger in , largely due to higher food prices. A report by Purdue University agricultural economists for the Farm Foundation notes that, although food prices have come down since historic highs last year, the main drivers of food prices remain unchanged. These drivers include the prices of fertilizer, water, electricity and livestock feed, among myriad other complex factors. For example, in Canada, fertilizer prices went up 60 percent in alone, and numbers are similar elsewhere. Food prices here are more stable than in many other parts of the world, although prices in the 12 months to February were still up 7. Such examples beg the question: when will the average person in rich countries finally begin to wake up and stop taking their food for granted?

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