Does plant based diet reverse androgenic alopecia

By | April 21, 2021

does plant based diet reverse androgenic alopecia

Hair loss or hair shedding is often reported several months after transitioning to a whole food plant-based WFPB diet. The medical term for the condition is telogen effluvium, a temporary scalp disorder characterized by increased shedding of hair resulting from the premature conversion of hair follicles from the growing anagen phase to the resting telogen phase. At the end of its growing phase the follicle enters the resting phase for approximately 4 months after which the hair sheds and a new 4-year cycle of growth begins. Regrowth of hair usually begins once the hair is shed but at the rate of 1cm per month it can take many months to show and up to a year to return to normal. Telogen effluvium is a self-limiting condition that can be triggered by illness, emotional stress, drug therapies, rapid weight loss, nutrient deficiencies or hormonal changes. It should be differentiated from other conditions such as alopecia areata, an autoimmune condition that most often causes distinct bald patches, and androgenetic alopecia, the gradual, testosterone driven hair loss that most often affects males. Changing to a WFPB diet often involves a significant and unintended reduction in energy intake due to the lower energy density of whole plant foods, which can result in a period of rapid weight loss, i. We put a lot of effort into educating WFPB newcomers on how to source adequate calories from high carbohydrate starchy whole plant foods see our Energy Density page. Hair shedding may also be triggered by a rapid reduction in estrogen, a hormone that has a positive effect on scalp hair growth. The hair follicles initially go into a withdrawal state, resulting in increased hair shedding, but gradually adapt to the reduced normal hormone levels and hair growth returns to normal.

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Of the worst offenders: a vegan diet veganism. But when it comes to hair regrowth, my vegan experience was a disaster. I’ll send you a FREE guide on the nutrients for hair maintenance No drugs. No supplements. No strings attached. Different diets work for different people. The same isn’t true for nutrients. And if your goal is hair regrowth, you’re going to need these According to the book, the secret to a long life is That last bullet point concerned me.

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