Bullmastiff raw food diet

By | August 25, 2020

bullmastiff raw food diet

Mastiffs are big dogs with big appetites. These massive canines are known for their impressive size and friendly, relaxed temperament. While mastiffs are generally happy to eat commercial dog food, many mastiff owners prefer to feed their dog a raw foods diet, commonly known as the BARF Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet. Raw foods tend to be especially rich in the kinds of vitamins big dogs like mastiffs need to stay strong and healthy. Moreover, raw diets are known to help prevent terminal illnesses in mastiffs, such as bone disease and arthritis. Mastiffs love meat and it’s generally good for them too. It’s perfectly healthy for your mastiff to consume large quantities of raw meat because their stomachs contain the proper enzymes to digest it. According to Victorymascotts. Other recommended meat and protein products include chicken livers, eggs, mackerel, and ground beef. Fruits and vegetables contain valuable vitamins and minerals that your mastiff needs, though they should be fed to your dog in moderation. Dogs aren’t, after all, vegetarians and you shouldn’t force a mastiff or any dog to subsist on fruits and veggies.

Before we got Rosie, we read a lot of books, and did a fair bit of research on the internet, until we were happy to start the diet. Hopefully the following information helps explain what the BARF diet is. It may sound fairly complicated, but is actually really simple, and easy. It was mostly pushed by a number of vets around the world who expressed concerns over the health problems they saw in many pet dogs and cats who had only ever been fed on cheap commercial pet foods. Our dogs occasionally get a handful or so of dried food — but only once every blue moon or if we have run out of raw food for some reason — usually due to poor planning. Good info and easy to follow, practical advice and teaching. There is also plenty of on-line resources available on the subject too. The raw meaty bones RMB should make up the bulk of the diet.

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When you bring your Bullmastiff puppy home a feeding chart is usually supplied to you by the breeder. It is best to stay with this diet until a suitable time to change. There are many commercial dog foods available and your breeder will help you choose the right food for your Bullmastiff or what brands to avoid. The other alternative is natural feeding or BARF. Refer to Books. We are often asked what the growth rate is of a Bullmastiff. Generally the Bullmastiff will gain on average lb or 1 to 1.

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