5 day oatmeal diet

By | February 7, 2021

5 day oatmeal diet

Oats are a popular breakfast food around the world. They are easy to cook and also incredibly versatile. Oats come with a number of health benefits, weight loss included. Although it is not advisable to restrict your food intake to just one food type or food group, but if you want to lose weight fast, the oatmeal diet could be perfect for you. Oatmeal Diet For Weight Loss There are a number of different variations of the oatmeal diet, which different people follow for different periods of time. In another one, two meals of the day consist of oatmeal while dinner consists of a lean protein like chicken or fish along with salad or cooked vegetables. The second version is healthier from a nutritional standpoint as it provides you with more micro nutrients like essential minerals and vitamins as well. The components of the meals can be changed according to your own convenience, given that the calorie count is constant. Finally, dieters consume oatmeal for just one meal of the day for the remaining three days. This plan is more sustainable and the calorie count progression in the three phases of the diet is as follows- calories in first two days, calories in the next two days, calories in the remaining three days. Oats work by providing the body with fibre, which is great for digestion.

State of the art reviews: the oatmeal-cholesterol connection: 10 years later. By essentially replacing all daily meals with oatmeal, the Oatmeal Diet fills you up with high fiber but low calorie food and helps you lose weight. Like some other ideas for what to mix with it? Download Book. The first phase lasts a week, while the next 2 phases each last a month. Whether or not the Oatmeal Diet works for you will vary based on your health goals and your personal tastes. Changing your diet is a serious decision and requires a lot of commitment. Disclaimer: All content, including tips and suggestions, is purely for general information purposes only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. To speed up your weight loss, it is recommended that you do regular exercise helping to slim down and strengthen your body. You have to do some calorie counting. Alex is a professional writer who takes pride in helping people achieve their health goals and motivates others to start taking care of their bodies through exercise and proper nutrition. I wonder how I can make the oatmeal, can I cook it like rice budding or soup or eat it without cooking.

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