2 year old no sodium diet

By | November 19, 2020

2 year old no sodium diet

You could safely say that most homes across Australia and New Zealand have a salt shaker in the cupboard. While it is important to keep in mind that sodium is absolutely integral to health and indeed life itself, there is a health issue associated with excessive salt intake. Like most things to do with our bodies, if you tilt the scales to imbalance there are a whole host of effects that occur, largely in order to redress the balance. Sodium is involved in many bodily functions. One of which is that it helps to keep the pressure inside our vessels at the right level, allowing compounds to move in and out of cells and body areas as they need to. Our kidneys help regulate the amount of fluid that stays in our body or is expelled via urine. Sodium levels in the body act as a trigger for the kidneys; the more concentrated the level of sodium, the more our kidneys will want to remove the excess sodium. Water and sodium like to hang out together and where sodium goes water tends to tag along; hence the more our kidneys attempt to remove excessive sodium the more water we will also lose. So now you can see the link between salty foods and thirst, but this may also help make sense of why excessive salt intake has been linked to high blood pressure.

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The following guest post was written by Dina Rose, PhD, a sociologist, parent educator, feeding expert and author. In short, sugar is on your radar, both because you want to minimize sugar-induced rushes and crashes and because you know that, in the long run, high sugar consumption has been linked to several adverse health conditions and lower overall diet quality. However — it should – because sodium is linked to health problems such as high blood pressure and heart disease. The taste for salt—the salty habit—starts early in life. And, as you probably know, eating habits that begin in childhood tend to stick around. Sodium is everywhere—not just in potato chips. Wish your kids liked eating peas?

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